Revised Kansas Code for Care of Children

Revised Kansas Code for Care of Children

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Table of Contents

Part 1

38-2201 Citation; construction of code; policy of state.

38-2202 Definitions.

38-2203 Jurisdiction; age of child, presumptions; precedence of certain orders.

38-2204 Venue.

38-2205 Right to counsel; guardian ad litem.

38-2206 Appointment of special advocate.

38-2207 Citizen review boards; members.

38-2208 Same; duties and powers.

38-2209 Confidentiality of child in need of care records; penalties; immunities.

Part 2

38-2210 Parties exchanging information.

38-2211 Access to official and social file; preservation of records.

38-2212 Appropriate and necessary access; exchange of information; court ordered disclosure; limited public information.

38-2213 Records of law enforcement agencies; limited disclosure; exchange of information; access; court ordered disclosure.

38-2214 Duties of county or district attorney.

38-2215 Docket fee; authorized only by legislative enactment; expenses; assessment.

38-2216 Expense of care and custody of child.

38-2217 Health services.

38-2218 Educational decisions; educational advocates for exceptional children.

38-2219 Evaluation of development or needs of child.

Part 3

38-2220 Parentage.

38-2221 Fingerprints and photographs.

38-2222 Public information and educational program; reporting of suspected abuse or neglect.

38-2223 Reporting of certain abuse or neglect of children; persons reporting; reports, made to whom; penalties; immunity from liability.

38-2224 Same; employer prohibited from imposing sanctions on employee making report or cooperating in investigation; penalty.

38-2225 Same; reporting of certain abuse or neglect of children in institutions operated by the secretary; rules and regulations.

38-2226 Investigation of reports; coordination between agencies.

38-2227 Child advocacy centers.

38-2228 Multidisciplinary team.

38-2229 Investigation of abuse or neglect; subpoena; request to quash.

Part 4

38-2230 Same; duties of SRS.

38-2231 Child under 18, when law enforcement officers or court services officers may take into custody; sheltering a runaway.

38-2232 Child under 18 taken into custody; duties of officers; referral of cases for proceedings under this code and interstate compact on juveniles; placed in shelter facility or with other person; application of law enforcement officer; release of child.

38-2233 Filing of petition on referral by SRS or other person; filing by individual.

38-2234 Pleadings.

38-2235 Procedure upon filing of petition.

38-2236 Summons; persons to be served; notice of hearing.

38-2237 Service of process.

38-2238 Proof of service.

38-2239 Service of other pleadings.

Part 5

38-2240 Subpoenas; witness fees.

38-2241 Additional parties.

38-2242 Ex parte orders of protective custody; application; determination of probable cause; period of time; placement; procedures; orders for removal of child from custody of parent, limitations.

38-2243 Orders of temporary custody; notice; hearing; procedure; findings; placement; orders for removal of child from custody of parent, limitations.

38-2244 Order for informal supervision; restraining orders.

38-2245 Discovery.

38-2246 Continuances.

38-2247 Attendance at proceedings; confidentiality.

38-2248 Stipulations and no contest statements.

38-2249 Rules of evidence.

Part 6

38-2250 Degree of proof.

38-2251 Adjudication.

38-2252 Predispositional alternative; placement with person other than child's parent; conference; recommendations; immunity.

38-2253 Dispositional hearing; purpose; time.

38-2254 Same; notice.

38-2255 Authorized dispositions; prohibitions.

38-2256 Rehearing.

38-2257 Permanency planning at disposition.

38-2258 Change of placement; notice; opportunity for hearing; removal from home of parent, findings by court.

38-2259 Emergency change of placement; removal from home of parent, findings of court.

Part 7

38-2260 Placement; order directing child to remain in present or future placement, application for determination that child has violated order; procedure; authorized dispositions; limitations on facilities used for placement; computation of time limitations.

38-2261 Reports made by foster parents.

38-2262 Placement; testimony of certain children.

38-2263 Permanency planning.

38-2264 Permanency hearing; purpose; procedure; time for hearing; authorized orders.

38-2265 Same; notice.

38-2266 Request for termination of parental rights or appointment of permanent custodian.

38-2267 Procedure upon receipt of request.

38-2268 Voluntary relinquishment; voluntary permanent custodianship; consent to adoption.

38-2269 Factors to be considered in termination of parental rights; appointment of permanent custodian.

Part 8

38-2270 Custody for adoption.

38-2271 Presumption of unfitness, when; burden of proof.

38-2272 Appointment of permanent custodian.

38-2273 Appeals; procedure; verification; continuing jurisdiction.

38-2274 Temporary orders pending appeal; status of orders appealed from.

38-2275 Fees and expenses.

38-2276 Prohibiting detainment or placement of child in jail.

38-2277 Determination of child support.

38-2278 Journal entry for child support.

38-2279 Withholding order for child support; filing; service; jurisdiction; consolidation with child in need of care case; modification.

Part 9

38-2280 Remedies supplemental not substitute.

38-2281 Family services and community intervention fund; child in need of care, purpose of expenditure of moneys.

38-2282 Newborn infant protection act.

38-2283 Application to existing cases.

38-2284 Precedence of certain orders issued under revised Kansas code for care of children and revised Kansas juvenile justice code.

38-2285 Awarding high school diplomas; requirements.

38-2286 Child removed from custody of parent, substantial consideration of grandparent.

38-2287 Child in custody, victim of certain conduct; special assessment to determine safety, placement and treatment needs.

38-2288 CINC placement in a juvenile detention facility.

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