Establishment and Modification of Spousal Support

Establishment and Modification of Spousal Support - Kansas Family Law Code


23-2901. Interpretation of terms. 

For purposes of interpretation, the terms "alimony" and "maintenance" are synonymous.

23-2902. Maintenance. 

(a) A decree under K.S.A. 2015 Supp. 23-2711, and amendments thereto, may award to either party an allowance for future support denominated as maintenance, in an amount the court finds to be fair, just and equitable under all of the circumstances.

(b) Maintenance may be in a lump sum, in periodic payments, on a percentage of earnings or on any other basis.

(c) A decree under K.S.A. 2015 Supp. 23-2711, and amendments thereto, may make the future payments modifiable or terminable under circumstances prescribed in the decree.

23-2903. Same; modification of amounts. 

At any time, on a hearing with reasonable notice to the party affected, the court may modify the amounts or other conditions for the payment of any portion of the maintenance originally awarded that has not already become due, but no modification shall be made without the consent of the party liable for the maintenance, if it has the effect of increasing or accelerating the liability for the unpaid maintenance beyond what was prescribed in the original decree.

23-2904. Same; modification retroactive; reinstatement. 

The court may make a modification of maintenance retroactive to a date at least one month after the date that the motion to modify was filed with the court. In any event, the court may not award maintenance for a period of time in excess of 121 months. If the original court decree reserves the power of the court to hear subsequent motions for reinstatement of maintenance and such a motion is filed prior to the expiration of the stated period of time for maintenance payments, the court shall have jurisdiction to hear a motion by the recipient of the maintenance to reinstate the maintenance payments. Upon motion and hearing, the court may reinstate the payments in whole or in part for a period of time, conditioned upon any modifying or terminating circumstances prescribed by the court, but the reinstatement shall be limited to a period of time not exceeding 121 months. The recipient may file subsequent motions for reinstatement of maintenance prior to the expiration of subsequent periods of time for maintenance payments to be made, but no single period of reinstatement ordered by the court may exceed 121 months.

23-2905. Same; method of payment. 

(a) Except for good cause shown, every order requiring payment of maintenance under this article shall require that the maintenance be paid through the central unit for collection and disbursement of support payments designated pursuant to K.S.A. 2015 Supp. 39-7,135, and amendments thereto. A written agreement between the parties to make direct maintenance payments to the obligee and not pay through the central unit shall constitute good cause.

(b) If child support and maintenance payments are both made to an obligee by the same obligor, and if the court has made a determination concerning the manner of payment of child support, then maintenance payments shall be paid in the same manner.

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