Divorce Law

Divorce in Kansas

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Child custody determinations and issues

How do Kansas Courts determine which parent a child should live with? 

Visitation Rights

How do Kansas Courts determine the parenting time schedule for the parent the child does not live with most of the time?

Calculation of child support

How do Kansas courts determine which parent must pay child support?  How does the court calculate the amount of child support?

Calculation of spousal support

How do Kansas courts determine if a spouse should get spousal support (i.e. alimony)?  If so, how is the amount calculated? How long must the spouse continue paying spousal support?

Valuation and division of marital assets and marital debt

How do Kansas courts value and divide the martial estate?  Is Kansas a community property state?  How does tjhe divide complex assets?  How do Kansas courts treat businesses owned by one or both of the spouses?

Dividing 401(k) and other ERISA retirement plans

What are the special rules when Kansas courts divide retirement plans?

Prenuptial Agreements in Kansas

Do Kansas courts enforce  prenuptial agreements?  

Military Divorces

What is the impact is one or both the parties is in the military?

Rights of Grandparents

What rights to grandparents have in Kansas when parents divorce?

Post divorce modifications

How do divorced parties ask the court to modify custody, parenting time, child support or spousal support

Impact of child welfare proceedings (CINC cases)

What if the child is in foster care or otherwise under the custody of the state? 

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