Free Consultations Policy

Free Consultations By Telephone

Telephone consultations with the lawyer are for the sole purpose of determining if a prospective client has a case of the type that the lawyer would accept.   Often, a caller needs a lawyer in a different jurisdiction or one that practices in a different area of law. In such cases, the potential client would be referred to an attorney who practices in the needed area of law or in the more appropriate jurisdiction.   

No legal advice is given over the phone until the prospective caller has met with and retained the attorney.

If the potential client seems to have a case or matter that the attorney may accept, we would set an appointment with the prospective client, possibily that same day.  The potential client's contact information would be collected along with the names of any adverse parties.   This information is needed to determine if there are any obvious potential conflicts of interest such as if we already represent an adverse party.  If we discover such a conflict or potential conflict, we would cancel the appointment to first determine if the potential conflict would prevent us from accepting the case.   Some conflicts can be waived.  Others can not.

In-Office Initial Consultations

In the case of present and former clients, free consultations are available to discuss retaining the attorney for a new legal matter.  For new and prospective clients, a fee is charged for an in-office consultation with the attorney unless the attorney agrees to waive the consultation fee.